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Long-Range Plan for Fiscal Years 2012-2016

Mission Statement

The Duxbury Free Library provides a welcoming environment where people of all ages can pursue individual and shared interests. The library offers current topics and titles to help fulfill community residents' appetite for information about popular culture and social trends. It provides resources and education to find, evaluate and use information.


This plan was produced by a Planning Committee appointed to guide the study, provide input, to work with service responses identified by a larger community visioning group and to design goals which would then be forwarded to the entire Duxbury Free Library staff. Committee members were:

Carl Meier, Former Member, Board Of Library Trustees
Elaine Winquist, Director, retired January 7, 2011
Carol Jankowski, former Circulation Supervisor, current Director as of January 7, 2011
Paula Harris, Trustee
Laura Sullivan, Trustee
Kirstin Boothman, Library Associate
Holly Groelle, Resident
Karen Inglis, Resident and Assistant School Librarian
Yesugey Oktay, Resident
Colby Homan, Student, Duxbury High School



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