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Reading Garden Entrance


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The committee has determined that a Reading Garden and re-designed lower level entrance will be established. This Reading Garden will be welcoming, visually attractive, incorporate whimsical elements and have comfortable seating to encourage folks of all ages to enjoy the outdoor space. Additionally, the Garden will be clearly designated with adequate signage, be well-lit, ADA compliant, have powerful Wi-Fi incorporated into the design, as well as low maintenance indigenous plantings. Many plantings that already exist in this area would be incorporated into the new proposal. Optimally, visitors would enjoy four season landscaping beauty. The Garden should be multifunctional including reading and performance spaces.

This Garden must include an architectural element that separates the Garden from the outside world. Important concepts to consider in the design: enchantment, art, books, authors, words, serenity, celebration and play. A subtle "naming opportunity" feature such as bricks, stones, or plaques must be incorporated into the overall design, but not overshadow the artistic vision and function of the garden.

The Garden will include all of the grounds from parking lot to the two library exterior walls. While the focus is on this designated area, the design would optimally link this garden area to the grounds of the Library bordered by Alden Street. The Garden would also connect into the re-designed lower-level lobby, carrying through design features, concepts or elements. Ultimately this design would establish the Garden Entrance as the main entrance to the Library. The Garden should have a "wow" appeal and be not only an extension of the library, but be its own inviting destination.




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Reading Garden Presentation from Duxbury Free Library on Vimeo.