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Internet Search Engines

A search engine is a web site which you can use to locate information on the Internet. Some of them give you categories through which you can browse to your heart's content. Others allow you to enter keywords (search terms) to locate specific information.

General Search Engines: for broad searches on a wide range of topics
Google The most popular keyword search engine
Yahoo   The most popular directory of categories
Excite A trusted search engine.
Go.com  A configurable web portal and search engine
Lycos   A big player in the search engine game
Ask.com Innovative search technologies deliver fast and relevant information
Metasearch Engines: for looking across multiple databases
Dogpile Excellent metasearch engine
Vivisimo Provides comprehensive coverage, finding relevant listings and clusters like listings
Ixquick Fast, comprehensive and ranks findings by relevance; searches 14 engines
Specialty Search Engines: for deep searches on particular topics
Business.com  Business information
BNET BNET provides working professionals with the tools, advice, and insight they need to succeed in today's workplace.
LibrarySpot  Best library and reference resources on the Web
Scirus   Search for scientific information

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